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Note: Millage for vehicles changes in January of each year so if your tag renews within the calendar year of 2015, then your tax rate is based upon 2014 millage.  If the tag renews in January 2016, then the taxes are based upon the 2015 millage rate.  Vehicle taxes are paid in advance.

Taxes for real estate, airplanes, boats and motors and Business Personal Property (PT-100) are based upon ownership as of December 31st of the prior year and you are taxed on the new millage rate approved in September of the respective year.  These taxes are paid in arrears.

To see the respective millage rates for the following years, click on the link.

2010 Millage
2011 Millage
2012 Millage
2013 Millage
2014 Millage
2015 Millage
2016 Millage

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