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Our office does not provide any legal advice and we do not supply any forms for litigation. Copies are available upon request in person or by mail and fees are charged. Our office does not perform any type of research. We have court indexing on computer for public research dating back to 1994 and all previous indexing can be located in our research books.

Oconee County Implementation of State Disbursement Unit for Support Payments:

Oconee County will officially implement the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit (SOU):
Eeffective August 1, 2019. After that date, support payments currently made by obligors to Oconee County Clerk of Court should be made payable to the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit and mailed to:
South Carolina State Disbursement Unit
PO Box 100302
Columbia SC 29202-3302

Employers and interstate child support agencies shall continue to make support payments to the Oconee County Clerk of Court until directed to send those payments to the State Disbursement Unit in August 2019.

Support payors can find additional information about the State Disbursement Unit and other payments options at

If you have questions about when or how to make payments to the State Disbursement Unit please contact State Disbursement Unit Customer Service Center at 800-768-5858. Agents are available M-F, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm excluding State holidays.

Discontinued Clerk of Court Electronic Payment Options:

Effective July 1, 2019. Oconee County will discontinue options for making web and/or interactive voice response support payments via credit/debit card and automatic withdrawal (ACH debit). The State Disbursement Unit provides new options for making walk-in and online payments. Please see for additional details. This change ONLY affects support payments. Other types of county payments (for example, property taxes) can still be paid by credit card from the county's website.

If you appeared before a judge due to failure to pay your child support and were ordered to pay a specific amount (sometimes referred to as a purge payment) to be in compliance with the judge's ruling, you may come to the payment window in the Clerks of Court office and pay cash or use your credit/debit card to pay the ordered amount.

Foreclosure Information:

The foreclosure list is now viewable on the South Carolina Judicial Website. Once you are there do the following:
  1. The default roster description is for Common Pleas
  2. You will need to change the description to Master In Equity
  3. In order to make this change, click on the drop down menu and choose Master In Equity
  4. Once the page has refreshed, a list of available rosters will appear
  5. Look for the foreclosure list you need

If you need further assistance, please contact our office directly.

All foreclosure hearings will begin promptly at 11:00am on the date indicated. The Clerk's office refers to all cases by their case number, so if you wish to view a file please bring the case number with you. Please note that all bidders must verify any and all information on their own. The Clerk of Court will not be held liable for any scrivener errors.

Child Support:

Child support information is not released over the telephone only in person, and with proper identification. Child support payments are mailed out daily.

Family Court CMS:

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