Register of Deeds

Our Mission:

To ensure prompt recording of legal documents into the public records and make them accessible to the general public in a timely manner, while maintaining quality, professional services to the citizens of Oconee County.

Our Function:

The Register of Deeds office records real estate related documents such as deeds, mortgages, and plats for public record, indexed by the property owner's name. Please phone for recording fees and document requirements. Certified Copies can be obtained in person, for a minimum fee.

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Recording Fees

Register of Deeds Online:

Online deed indexes are from 1957, mortgage indexes are from 1992. Images can only be viewed on documents recorded since 1/1/02. Judgments are filed in the Clerk Of Court's Office, and are not to be searched on this website.

A recent update to Java will block our eSearch viewer and cause problems when attempting to view documents.
If you receive an error message when attempting to view documents, please follow these instructions to correct the error. If problems persist, please contact our office at 864-638-4285.

Important Notice:

Copies of documents will be mailed only after this office receives payment and your written request, including book and page number plus your contact information.
The fee for this service is $5.00 for up to 4 pages and $0.50 per page for additional pages.

We have now transitioned to a new online records system, users will need to sign up for a free account before accessing any records. If there are any problems, call our office at

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Property Check Fraud Service

PropertyCheck is a 24/7 service that helps protect you from potential property fraud by automatically notifying you of any recorded document that affects your property, helping you feel safer about your properties and online security.

Disclaimer: "Property Check" services made available herein are provided by Cott Systems, inc. ("Cott") and not Oconee County. Consequently, Oconee County makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the services, information, or documents provided by Cott. Oconee County hereby disclaims, as to it, any warranties, express or implied, arising by prior verbal or written statement, law, or custom, including but not limited to any warranty of satisfactory quality, merchantability, or fitness for particular purpose.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Oconee County to provide our current and future citizens and visitors quality services while protecting our communities, heritage, environment and natural resources, in an ever-changing world.


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