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Finance Forms

  • Budget Transfer/Revision Form
    (To be completed by a department needing to move funds from one general ledger account code to another and submitted to the Finance Department.)
  • Travel Reimbursement Claim Form
    (To be submitted to the Finance Department for reimbursement of day trip meals, mileage, toll fees, and other allowable travel expenses.)
  • Departmental Ledger Correction Form
    (To be completed by a department needing to make a correction to revenue and expenditure ledger codes used by that department and submitted to the Finance Department.)
  • Accounts Payable Voucher Form
    (To be completed by a department needing an accounts payable check to be disbursed where there is no other form of documentation or the requested payment requires more detailed explanation.)
  • Budget Request Form for Organizational Donations
    (To be completed by not-for-profit agencies or organizations requesting donations or aid to be budgeted in the Oconee County annual budget.)

Transfer Forms:

For transferring an asset from one County department to another County department.

Acquisition Forms:

For assets acquired by the County through either direct purchase or a donation. The total cost reported for assets purchased must include any ancillary charges (e.g. professional fees, taxes, freight, installation, etc.) directly related to placing the asset in service. For donated assets, the reported value will be the fair market value of the asset at the time it was donated.

Correction Forms:

For making corrections to an active asset's record.

Disposal Forms:

For removing an asset from the County's asset records due to the asset being destroyed, obsolete, stolen, sold, traded, or donated.


Our Mission

It is the mission of Oconee County to provide our current and future citizens and visitors quality services while protecting our communities, heritage, environment and natural resources, in an ever-changing world.


Oconee County – A diverse, growing, safe, vibrant community guided by rural traditions and shaped by natural beauty; where employment, education and recreation offer a rich quality of life for all generations, both today and tomorrow.