Common Probate Questions:

What estate planning documents should I have?
In South Carolina, how is the property of a deceased citizen distributed if there is no will?
What is required for one to apply for a marriage license in this state?
What are the requirements for having a legal will?
Where are you located?
Is there an open estate?
What is your mailing address?
What is your direct phone number?
What is the difference in a regular estate and a small estate?
How can I be appointed as the power of attorney for someone?
Do I need an appointment to open an estate?
Are Probate records available for the public to review?
Does it cost to file a claim?
What is probate for?
What is the process?
What are the fees for?
How long does it take to probate the estate?
I just had a will drawn up; can I file it in your office?
Do I have to obtain an attorney in order to probate an estate?
Is there very much paper work involved?
Do life insurance policies that are payable to beneficiary have to go through Probate?
Can you fax me the forms?
Do I have to publish the decedent's death in the paper?
How long do creditors have to file a claim?
Where can I get a copy of a deed?
I need a certificate from probate; what is that and how can I get that?
Do I have to open an estate account?
Can I pay the decedent's bills now or do I need to wait until I am appointed as personal representative?

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