Personal Property:

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motors, Airplanes

Section 12-60-2910 provides for the right of a citizen of South Carolina to request to meet with the Auditor or send a written protest regarding personal property tax assessment. Vehicle, Water Craft, and Aircraft request for review forms can be submitted online.
You must appeal in writing or request a hearing within 30 days after the tax notice has been mailed or by the last day the tax is due. Appeals are not valid once these timelines have expired, as you lose your right to appeal.
Upon notice the Auditor will either schedule a hearing within 30 days of the request or if the request is in writing, the Auditor will respond in writing of his findings within 30 days of receipt of the request. You are advised to pay the property tax by the due date. If the value is decreased, then you will be issued a refund.


You must provide proof that your personal property’s value is not worth what we have it valued. Pictures of vehicle that identify the vehicle and the damage or appraisals by certified appraisers may be provided. Appraisals by dealers and salesmen who are not certified appraisers will not be accepted.
If the owner objects to the final action by the County Auditor, the taxpayer may request a Case Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge Division.

1205 Pendleton Street
Suite 224, Edgar D. Building
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The taxpayer has thirty days from the County Auditor's decision to make the request to the Administrative Law Judge Division.

High Mileage Appeals

Section 12-37-2680 and Property Regulations 117-119 and 117-129 provide for High Mileage Reduction prior to the due date of taxes.

A discount is available if your vehicle has excessive mileage. Please see chart for required mileage:

The High Mileage Reduction form can be submitted online.

**If applying for high miles and the vehicle has excessive mileage, we reserve the right to ask for proof of mileage.**

Vehicle Year Mileage Needed
2024 15,001
2023 30,001
2022 45,001
2021 60,001
2020 75,001
2019 90,001
2018 100,001
2017 115,001
2016 130,001
2015 145,001
2014 160,001
2013 175,001
2012 190,001
2011 190,001
2010 190,001

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