Special Projects


This page contains links to documents and information related to ongoing special projects. While as many relevant links as possible will be maintained on the page throughtout the course of a project, file sizes and other technical issues may limit direct access. Contact planning staff for more information.

Fair Play Master Planning Project:

Situated in the prime farming area of southern Oconee County, the village of Fair Play has always taken pride in its agrarian history and quiet, rural lifestyle. In recent years, however, the proximity of Interstate 85 has led to the area becoming the focus of efforts to take advantage of economic development opportunities. While such efforts have generally been warmly received in the community, many people recognize the potential for negative impacts from poorly-managed development. To guard against this, area residents came together and formed the Fair Play Community Association, an organization not only focused on helping the village to identify their aspirations, but also to communicate them to county leaders. In 2012, at the request of the Community Association, the County engaged Seamon, Whiteside & Associates to undertake a master planning effort for the village.

(Download Fairplay Master Plan)

Highway 123 Corridor:

Oconee County Council has created a corridor plan for Highway 123 between the City of Seneca and the Oconee County border with Pickens County. Council has recognized the need for long-range planning for one of our busiest corridors that also serves as the main entryway into Oconee County.

Highway 123 Corridor Study:


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